Meet the Asscher family: 

We are Edward, Lita and Mike Asscher the 5th and 6th generation of a Dutch family known for innovative diamond cutting and world class designs. 

Edward started in the rough diamond department of the family business, learned about the international diamond business by working together with his father Louis. He currently concentrates on strategy and corporate social responsibility and is the inspiration of the family.

Lita is the creative
 force behind the brand, her inspiration comes from global influences reflecting back to the moment of celebration and sentiment a piece of fine jewelry provides.


Mike’s expertise is in the cutting of diamonds- always looking for unique and innovative ways of re-imagining diamonds. He follows in his father and grandfather’s footsteps situated in their factory in the heart of Amsterdam.

Together we collaborate to bring the Royal Asscher collection to life. Striking the perfect balance as only a family can.



Royal Asscher is a NAJ member.

What Makes us Unique:

·      As a family, we strive to make the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

·      Our first consideration is beauty, we cut our diamonds to reflect the natural essence of each unique stone. These lasting heirlooms are a symbol of love and celebration to be cherished for years to come.

·        Our personal involvement in the family business offers a unique perspective to the fine jewelry space.

·        Our approach-ability is coupled with luxury and quality.

·        We are reliable and are unwavering in our dedication to uphold the values of our family.

·        We make the celebrations and personal moments in your life exceptional, memorable and luxurious. 

·        We believe there is a relevant place for the legacy and tradition our family started 164 years ago.

·        In this fast-paced world of commodity and mass production we are proud to offer a unique and personal experience.

·        Our purpose is to continually provide exceptional quality, design and innovation to the bridal and fine jewelry market.

We are here to celebrate life’s treasured moments


The Royal Asscher Diamond Company, which is looking to extend its retailer network in the UK, is hosting a second special retailer event on June 13th 2018 in Leads.

The Occasion will offer chance to meet the Asscher family, the creators of the original Asscher Cut and the family that cut the Cullinan diamond, who will present their collections, the company’s history and its future.