Through the last decade Royal Asscher has been able to shift their strategy from only the high end independent retailers to a combination of both independent retailers and midsize chains.

The programs that we offer:

·    A product that would be an HI SI program set in either 18kt engagement rings. We have been successful at this level in the US and think we can be as well with in the UK.

·    We realize that we have to offer a different POS, packaging, and product to the independent retailers where we have a 18kt and platinum completly different collection, that is GH VS diamond, which is what we have created.

Our experience is that many people think of our brand as being only for a very high-end consumer, this is why we have created a new marketing campaign that will launch this summer in which we focus more on bringing in the “human and approachable” element of the family by introducing Lita and Mike Asscher as the face of the brand.

In combination with the heritage and connection with the Crown Jewels Royal Asscher believes the consumer will have all they are looking for:

1.      A compelling and unique brand story

2.      Providing and expertise

3.      Impeccable craftmanship and quality

4.      Price / value relationship

5.      Designer strength and recognition.


Our program includes Point of sales and packaging, marketing co-op, adds, and social media post.

Our display exists out of different size pieces that can be used in many ways. It also includes replicas of the Cullinan diamond, which always work wonders in having the conversation and the story telling. We offer blue jewellery boxes with a beautiful silk ribbon. We furthermore offer a blue velvet pouch that has a blue leather binder in it that will have your IGI/GIA certificate and the Royal Asscher authenticity certificate that tells you that the diamond is natural and conflict free on the back and on the front, it speaks about the cutting of the Cullinan and that it is an authentic Royal Asscher diamond.