Royal Asscher collections


Our bridal collections exist out of Solitaires, Halos, Three stone, 5 stone, anniversary and wedding bands. They are set with both the Royal Asscher Squre Cut diamond and the Royal Asscher Round Brilliant diamond. 


The Stars Collection represents one of the hottest innovations in the jewelry industry: floating diamonds! Diamonds encased in a fluid filled sapphire dome, dance, float and fall freely like snowflakes in a snow globe. The result is exciting jewelry which emits maximum bling, and showcases stunning kinetic energy, fire and brilliance. The effect is utterly mesmerizing.  

DNA Collection

Inspired by beautiful, bejeweled Crowns. Each and every hand-crafted piece created to shine with regal splendor. With their diamonds, pearls, gemstones and intricate adornments... Crowns are the pinnacle of craftsmanship...